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Edutool has been selling products round the world in several countires.


We at Edutool have produced learning tools for 40 years and counting.

Our Products

Our wide range of AR-enabled products covers every age, for use in schools, kindergartens, and at home.


Coding Robot

Learn coding with Augmented Reality!
Coding one of the most important skills to learn in this digital age. Coding Robot seeks to teach and engage by introducing digital learning into the real world.

Re@re: Recordable Stickers

Re@re is the newest of our line of products. Recordable stickers that you can place on any book, box or surface to turn it into a recordable item.

Educards: AR Flashcards

Our AR-enabled flash cards are suitable for young children of any age. Each card will spring to life when scanned with a mobile device. Each flash card is made of quality A5 paper.

Colour 3D Popup: Colouring brought to life

Our Colour 3D Popup series brings your childrens' colouring to life! Every vehicle, dinosaur, animal that your child colours in will appear in 3D exactly as they coloured it in.

3D Virtual Spinners: Digital Science Learning

Our 3D spinners brings education to the real world by allowing students to manipulate 3D models with their own hands. Learn science with our various 3D spinner themes.

Discovery: Encyclopedias

Our Augmented Reality enhanced encyclopedias adds on detailed learning with engaging content and allows kids to learn much more on their own time.

Wall Alive: Giant AR Exploration Posters

Our Wall Alive posters are sure to enliven any living area or teaching area. Every poster can be scanned by mobile devices and children can learn and explore as they please. Each poster is 8 feet tall and can span up to 11 feet wide.

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